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About Us

LB Forex Trading Signals was founded in 2013 and provides entry and exit signals--via email, text messages, and our website--to Experienced Forex traders.        

While every Forex trader, for the most part, has their own combination of Indicators, Expert Advisors, and Money Management techniques, a good Forex Trading Signals Service will increase the chances of financial gain.

Forex trading involves a continuous process of testing, updating and refining one's Forex trading strategy.

The following summarizes some of the benefits of a good Forex Trading Signals Subscription:

• A good Forex Trading Signals Service, as part of a Forex Trader’s overall trading strategy, can improve profitability.

• Forex Trading Signals Service can draw attention to a trade that might otherwise have been missed.

• Limited Forex trading experience can be offset by subscribing to a good Forex Trading Signals Service.

• Even if a Forex Trader decides not to follow a Forex Trading Signal, the trader can still profit from the Trading Signals Service’s information.

• Factoring in the improvement in profitability and the increase of free time to do other profitable activities, Forex Signals Subscription Service fees are small.

LB Forex Trading Signals offers a Forex Trading Signals Service for experienced Forex Traders. We do not teach Forex Trading.
Experience has shown that a good Forex Trading Signals Service is one that concentrates exclusively on providing good Forex Trading Signals.